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By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Alfa Romeo Giulia Super
Alfa Romeo Giulia Super rear Alfa Romeo Giulia Super rear
Alfa Romeo Giulia Super interior front Alfa Romeo Giulia Super interior front
Alfa Romeo Giulia Super interior rear Alfa Romeo Giulia Super interior rear

Aussie-delivered Giulia in excellent restored condition

While most collectors may flock to the earlier GTVs; the humble slab-sided ‘Type 105’ Giulia sedan offer a far more affordable buy-in to the market, and deliver much of the same sporting Italian flair with its perky twin-cam engine and quaint charming design.

The Giulia name of this era actually birthed various models, from the best-selling Type 105 sedan to drop-dead gorgeous convertibles and coupes.

The Type 105 Giulia sedan was produced from 1962 to 1978; and over its life was fitted with various engines – gradually swelling in displacement over time.


The sporty Giulia Super was introduced in 1965, and took much of Alfa Romeo’s Racing TI Super components and put them into a road car.

Various updates, additions and years later – the Giulia Super range was simplified in 1972, with just two options, the Super 1.3 and Super 1.6: identical in specification and packaging, and differing only between the 1290cc and 1570cc engine.

This 1974 Alfa Romeo Giulia looks to be a Super 1.6, fitted with the larger 1570cc twin-cam engine, glorious five-speed manual, and dipped in its original colour over a brown vinyl interior.


It’s a genuine Aussie-delivered car and presents in exceedingly original condition.

The body and chassis have recently been treated to a restoration, with complete rust removal, new floors and new paint.

Under its skin, there are even more new components including ball joints, shocks and more.


Overall, it looks like a fantastically-presented vehicle. Despite their somewhat dorky three-box proportions, these things had more than their fair share of sporting merit. They’re genuinely great fun to drive: and were lauded for their keen handling and acceleration at the time. Fun fact: the inaugural Sandown Six Hour in 1964 was won by a Giulia.

If you’re after a genuine Italian classic that won’t break the bank – this handsome Giulia Super might fit the bill nicely.

The car is based in Victoria, and is listed for $38,000.

Check out the full listing here!


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