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Issue 436 on sale now cover Issue 436 on sale now cover

A solemn farewell for a beloved nameplate + Falcon GT Market watch + much more!

For 41 years, the Commodore name was as much part of the Australian landscape as wheelie bins and Gum Trees.

Across five generations and 16 models, the Commodore carried countless Aussies through life – as little ones graduated from the back seat to the front, and the fabled first steer when they came of driving age.


As a send-off for the beloved Commodore, we look back at the history and the models that shaped a company, and helped shape a country. It was an ignominious end that many began mourning back in October 2017. Beyond the written history, we hear the stories behind a few fantastically preserved models from varying eras of Holden; a touching farewell from our own Commodore tragic Glenn Torrens, and take a deep-dive on the local race cars that captured the hearts and minds of generations.


Up front we’ve got a new Market Watch section, the first of which focuses on the ubiquitous XR-XY Falcon GT, tracking verified sales prices through the years. It’s a fascinating glimpse into how much can change over just a few years.


This month’s Reader Resto comes courtesy of Keith’s CL Valiant Charger. It wasn’t intended to be a resto, but as is often the case – fixing one rust spot quickly snowballed out of control.


We also check in with renown Aussie coachbuilder Brian Tanti – whose in the midst of a painstaking Porsche 550 Spyder recreation utilising period-correct methods of handmade frames and bucks. It’s a mesmerizing glimpse into what goes into the very zenith of classic car restoration and recreation.



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