EuroBrit classics at Graysonline - top 3

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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EuroBrit classics at Graysonline - top 3
TheMondial 3.2 could be a relatively affordable wasy of getting into a Ferrari.

The current Graysonline auction has a big list of Eurobrit machinery on offer and the prices they go for will cover a wide range.

Our top three are:

1. 1983 Jaguar Sovereign XJ6 - this will probably be at the bargain end of the scale, as it has significant miles on board. However it seems very complete and original. Jaguar spares are easy to get and this is something that could turn out to be a very economical buy for someone with the time and skills to give it a freshen-up.

2. 1988 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 - this is a fair off being the top of the Ferrari food chain and potentially offers entry into ownership of the legendary marque at halfway reasonable money. The fact is it's a mid-engined V8 with styling by Pininfarina and therefore easily qualifies as an exotic sports car. Could turn out to be great buying.

3. 1966 Mercedes-Benz 220SE W111 - big, bold and with fantastic looks. This one is a rare manual and claims to be locally delivered. It is a series that is famously robust in the mechanical department, so a sorted one will last a very long time.

(Note that we haven't given these cars a comprehensive inspection, so some buyer discretion would be wise.)

ferarri mondial 1988 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 ferarri mondial 1988
jaguar xj6 1983 Jaguar Sovereign jaguar xj6 1983
Mercedes Benz 220SE 1966 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Mercedes Benz 220SE 1966

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