Brock fleet at Graysonline

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Video: Racer replicas with a targa tribute car thrown in

Brock fleet at Graysonline
This Targa-style Monaro is the pick of the fleet.

There is a unique mini fleet of Brock cars up for grabs at this month's classic auction at Graysonline. Three of them are race tribute Bathurst cars, while the fourth is a replica the late-model Holden Monaro Peter shared with son James at Targa Tasmania.

The three race tribute cars are an LJ Torana with a street six in the nose, a VK Commodore with a street V8 and an exceptional VR Commodore with a six. The latter car is probably the most accurate replica externally, right down to the centreline wheels, but is begging for a V8 heart transplant.

Meanwhile collectors will also be looking at the CV8 Monaro Targa car, which should be street legal, looks near enough to competition-ready and is of course an interesting take on part of Brock's competition history.

The real Monaro underwent numerous performance mods for one of Australia's most demanding road events and you can read the 2002 story from MOTOR mag right here.


graysonline1903a Targa Monaro looks convincing. graysonline1903a
P1000971 Monaro cabin is set up for serious work. P1000971
P1000883 VR Commodore has all the right warpaint. P1000883
P1000885 VK Commodore looks smart. P1000885
P1000884 LJ Torana does an impersonation of one of Brock's most famous racers. P1000884
P1000937 LJ's engine is the familiar straight six. The premium triple-carb setup would look good in here. P1000937


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