Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III sells for $1.030 million

By: Guy Allen - Unique Cars magazine

lloyds gtho This Phase III went for $1.030 million. lloyds gtho
lloyds a9x $500,000 was the top bid for this lightweight A9X. lloyds a9x
lloyds vl gp A This VL Group A went for $96,000. lloyds vl gp A
lloyds pursuit This Ford Pursuit sold for $75,000. lloyds pursuit

Bathurst auction - see the full list of bids

The big news for the Lloyds Bathurst auction today was the Ford XY Falcon Phase III GT-HO (lot 333), formerly owned by cricketer Jeff Thompson and in largely original condition.

Pre-auction predictions suggested we might see a $1 million top bid and in the end it went for $1.030 million  very much at the upper end of what this model has scored over time and a record at a public auction.

There were four bidders at the million level and the final result came about after extended phone consultations.

If nothing else it was an indicator that there is still a strong appetite for investment-level Australian muscle cars.

Toranas were finding ready bidders, with the lightweight Torana A9X hatchback GMP&A special (lot 200) scoring a top price of $500,000. The other hero Torana, a four-door A9X that claimed prototype status (lot 1977) attracted a top bid of $300,000.

While it was the absolute hero cars that got the limelight at the auction, there were solid results for second tier cars. An HDT VL Commodore Group A (lot 212) scored $96,000 - a few thousand more than a GTS-R which was passed in.

Meanwhile a Ford FPV Pursuit utility (lot 220) found a new owner at an impressive $75,000.

It seems a race heritage worked for the Cosworth Ford Sierra road car (lot 221), which went for $60,000.

One real curiosity left till second-last was an XY GS Falcon ute (lot 335), built for Allan Moffatt and used by him as a tow car. It went for a healthy $162,000.

Here is the full list of top bids.

100 1979 Mazda RX7 $36,500

101 1964 Honda S600 convertible $18,500

102 1962 Morris Mini 850 $14,200

103 1983 Datsun 280ZX $18,500

108 1966 Holden HR 66A sedan $10,500

109 1975 Holden HJ Kingswood sedan $5900

110 1976 Holden HJ utility $13,500

111 Holden VQ Statesman Caprice HSV 5000 $16,000

112 1979 Holden Sandman utility $33,000

113 1985 Holden VK Calais $20,500

114 1981 Holden WB van $8000

117 1971 Holden HG SSA drag car $17,000

1977 Holden Torana Prototype A9X 4-door touring car $300,000

200 1977 Holden Torana SS A9X hatchback GMP&A $500,000

201 1978 Holden Torana LX SS hatchback $59,300

202 1976 Holden Torana LX SLR5000 $80,000

205 1973 Holden Torana LJ GTR XU-1 $150,000

206 1971 Holden Torana LC GTR XU-1 $59,000

207 1972 Holden Torana LJ GTR Xu-1 replica $43,500

208 1971 Holden HQ Monaro GTS coupe $110,000

209 1974 Holden Monaro sedan $70,000

210 1988 Holden VL Walkinshaw Perkins engine $156,000

211 1996 Holden HSV Commodore GTS-R $91,000

212 1986 Holden VL Commodore Group A $96,000

215 1984 Holden VK SS Group 3 $64,500

219 1969 Ford XW Falcon wagon $21,500

220 2007 Ford BF Falcon Mk2 FPV Pursuit utility $75,000

221 1988 Ford Sierra Cosworth $60,000

222 1970 Ford XW Falcon GT sedan $112,000

333 1971 Ford XY Phase 3 GT-HO $1.030 million

334 1971 Ford XY Falcon GT wild violet $250,000

335 1970 Ford XY Falcon utility Moffatt history $162,000

336 1977 Ford XC Falcon hardtop Dick Johnson racer $330,000

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