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Six of our favourite man cave must-haves this month...

1. Holden achives

Now that it’s all over, it might be a great time to chuck on the rose-tinted glasses, pull up your favourite comfy chair and have a read through the history of GMH in Australia with the Holden Archives Collection. The collection includes great features like six replica Holden badges, rare, never-before- seen photographs, press releases, vehicle brochures and much, much more. $279. Limited stock available.



2. Timber me UteTimber -ute

Are you in the market for a kids toy that isn’t something made of cheap plastic that’ll fall apart two minutes after it’s been taken out of its wrapping? Well, look no further than this ace wooden ute, which, we reckon, perfectly encapsulates a typical Aussie summer. Complete with three passengers, one Kelpie dog, one esky, one toolbox and one surfboard. Its sure to keep the kids happy for hours. $89.99



3. Porker Notes

Porsche -book

Got someone special in your life that’s a diehard Porsche fan? Does this same person also have the distinct problem of never having a pen and paper handy? Don’t despair, because Porsche has got you covered. Not only does this 911 Carrera RS 2.7-themed notepad and pen sport photos of the iconic sportscar, but every single one of the 100 perforated pages has a lovely RS 2.7 motif subtly emblazoned on it. $40



4. Beetle in the dirt

Vw -beetle

Not many people know this, but in addition to being one of the most iconic road cars of the 20th century, the Beetle was also a pretty successful rally car back in the day. Tamiya are obviously aware of this, because they’ve created this lovely looking Beetle rally car. What’s more, the R/C model comes equipped with an electronically powered four-wheel drive system, so, conceivably, you could take your very own rally beetle off-road!



5. Pony Cover-up

Car -cover

There’s nothing worse than giving your ’Stang a thorough wash, only to walk out to the driveway the next morning and see that a giant bird has defecated on your pride and joy, eating away at the clear-coat. That’s why Covercraft has made this handy car cover, specifically made for the FM Mustang. It’s even got the 50 anniversary Mustang logo on it, which is a nice touch. $265.95.



6. Mountain Kings

Bathurst -scaletric

Which is faster, Brock’s SL/R 5000 L34 Torana or Moffat’s XY Falcon GTHO Phase III? It’s probably a question that has been asked by both fans of the Iron Lion and the Blue Oval, but sadly, we may never know. That is, until now, because Scalextric has brought out the Bathurst Legends set, and both Brock’s and Moffat’s racecars are present and accounted for, livery and all. $319.99




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