Ford Coin Collection + Spark Plug Tester + Navcam - Gearbox 407

ford collection ford collection

Great car-related Christmas gift ideas

1 Hard currency

You might not be able to stump up for the real thing right now, but there is a way to get a Cobra hardtop and other desirable Fords, namely through this collection from the Australian Mint. They cover lots of interesting gear from Model T all the way through to the mighty XE. $15 each via


2 Fireball cleaner

Fireball -cleaner

Fireball cleaning gear is now available locally. The range includes assorted premium potions and concentrates which we’re assured deliver great value for money. Some of the products are designed to avoid leaving swirl marks on your shiny new paint – sounds good to us.


3 Navcam


Here’s one for those of who feel the need to have a dashcam on board, plus a satnav – both devices combined into one unit. Apparently it takes 1080 video, while the other side can speak several languages and comes with lifetime Australian and NZ maps. It also comes with a warranty. $279.


4 Get a grip


A mob called Bracketron reckon this gadget, called the TekGrip, is the last word in flexible device mounts for your car. It expands to take a 100mm wide device and can be used in portrait and landscape mode. Plus it has folding legs that can be used for additional support. $35.


5 Safer plug

Plug -tester

Apparently you daredevils out there are taking a bit of a risk testing spark plugs in the open air. Accidents are rare, but fuel vapour can ignite and it’s been known to get very ugly. Anyway, the makers of this device reckon it’s the solution, encasing the plug so you can see what’s happening, without leaving the combustion chamber open. $30-55.


6 Bullet block

Bullet -block2

Bullet Race Engineering over in sunny South Australia has long been doing all sorts of clever stuff and the latest wheeze is an RB30 replacement block for Nissan and Commodore. The company reckons it’s a lot tougher than original and will support massive power upgrades.


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