VL SS Group A Walkinshaw + 1971 Escort Twin Cam + Holden HK Premier - Auction Action 407

By: Mark Higgins

Hot on the block recently - VL Group A Walkinshaw, Twin-Cam Escort and a Holden HK Premier sedan

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1988 VL SS Group A Walkinshaw

Sold: $101,000

Vl -group -a -walkinshaw

General Motors and pommy racing great Tom Walkinshaw founded Holden Special Vehicles almost 30-years ago. Their first car, the VL SS Group A came in one colour—Panorama Silver—which looked eerily similar to Brock’s controversial Director. Festooned with wings, skirts and scoops, these beasts are now commanding serious coin, especially if they are in factory standard condition like this one.


1971 Ford Escort Twin Cam

Sold: $63,000

Ford -escort -2

The MKI Twin-Cam was the first hot Escort sold here to compete against the Torana GTR and rotary Mazda RX-3 racers. With a Lotus-developed DOHC alloy cylinder head and dual Weber carbs, the  1.6-litre four was good for 109mph. Australian Twin Cam Escorts were built in Henrys Homebush plant with local bodies and imported Lotus running gear. Genuine examples, like this are setting new price levels, due to their rarity..


1968 Hodlen HK Premier Sedan

Sold: $50,000

Holden -hk -premier

Here is proof of the escalating prices of '60s Aussie metal. The HK was a revelation for the General. Bigger than the previous HR and with new model names, Kingswood and Belmont. Four headlights and tail light extensions across the bootlid distinguish the Premier, which features Morrokide vinyl trim, a centre armrest and timber-look dash fascia.


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