Mitsubishi Galant GTO - today's project tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Oddball JDM could be fun project

Mitsubishi Galant GTO - today's project tempter
These 1970s Mitsubishi coupes are a rare sight in Australia.

You won't see many of these things in Australia. Mitsubishi's Galant GTO was (sometimes - depending on the spec!) the sporty version of the platform built 1970 to 1977.

A range of straight four powerplants from 1.6lt through to 2.0lt were thrown in the nose over time, and you could get four or five-speed manual, or a three-speed auto.

They're a rare sight in Australia, with the right-hand drive versions mostly intended for the Japanese market. However some were also sent to New Zealand when they were new.

We have seen a few used examples trickle in here as grey or private imports over the years.

This lot is a bulk deal for the confident home mechanic. It comprises three cars in varying states, including a GS-R, plus a bundle of spares. Located in Queensland, it's on the market for $13,000.


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