Celica twin-cam - today's rally tempter

By: Guy Allen - Unique Cars magazine

Wedge-shaped flyer was Group B-inspired

Celica twin-cam - today's rally tempter
This Group B inspired Celica should be a quick car.

Toyota's Celica range went through all sorts of weird and wonderful iterations over its 35-year life-span (1971-2006 model years), including rear, front and four-wheel drive.

This 1984 wedge-shaped example is known as the A60 and was the third major generation. Running rear wheel drive, it was fitted with a long list of engines, from relatively asthmatic 1600s through to 2.4lt - all of them inline fours.

What got our attention with this car is it claims to be the the Group B rally-inspired model, with the 1.8lt twin-cam turbocharged powerplant and five-speed manual transmission. That lot should be good for just shy of 180hp, enough to make it a rapid car.

The New Zealand seller says it's largely unmolested and has it on for NZ$15,000, or around $13,700 in Australian currency. There's no doubt it would be an interesting car to play with.

You can see the ad here.

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