1:2 model of a Ferrari 812 Superfast sells for $894,000!

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

1:2 model of a Ferrari 812 Superfast 1:2 model of a Ferrari 812 Superfast
1:2 model of a Ferrari 812 Superfast 1:2 model of a Ferrari 812 Superfast
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It was a special model though

You know that old adage ‘people have too much money’, well you may be forgiven thinking that exact sentiment when you find out that a model, not a car, a model of Ferrari’s new 812 Superfast recently sold at auction for €600,000, or roughly $894,000 Aussie dollars.

It wasn’t even a full scale model, but half-scale (1:2) model, and what’s more absurd is that the list price of an actual 812 Superfast in Australia is $610,000 plus on-road costs.

So, someone has genuinely forked out significantly more money for a pretend version of a real car, and we know what you’re thinking, what on earth for?

Well, it was rather a unique model; in fact, it’s the very scale model that Ferrari used in their wind-tunnel to make sure their new super car was slipperier than a used car salesman.

What’s more, just like the full-sized car on which it is based, the 1:2 scale is made of ultra-exotic materials like carbon fibre, and we’re sure that it will make an awesome centre piece for the fanatic Fezza enthusiast who purchased it.

It also must pretty cool owning something that has been instrumental in the design of what may well be one of the finest automobiles ever roll off the production line in Maranello.

However, if it were our money, we’d probably pocket the difference and just buy the real thing. 

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