Ford Mustang notchback 1966 at Lloyds

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Early Mustang an ideal entry into American classics

Ford Mustang notchback 1966 at Lloyds
Early Mustang with 289 and auto is a nice combination.

It was the car that made careers - not least of which was that of the legendary Lee Iacocca - and helped Ford brush off what was in danger of becoming a dowdy public image.

The Mustang series has shown over its 60-plus year history that original idea was a good one and still has plenty of market traction. And the concept? Essentially a two-door GT car with four seats and the option of fitting something large and powerful under the bonnet. Not rocket-science.

Cars like this 1966 notchback are a good option for anyone seeking a fuss-free classic that's simple to maintain.

Parts and knowledge are readily available, while there's a pretty big feel-good factor.

This example is said to have undergone a restoration a few years agao and seems to present well, while it appears to have been kept largely stock with the exception of the wheels.

It's running the 289ci (4.7lt) V8 with auto, which was a very popular combination back when these things were new. With good reason - there's plenty of go and they're easy to drive.

Look for lot 26 at the auction coming up this weekend.

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