Triumph Mayflower ute & Torana HB - the cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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triumph mayflower triumph mayflower

One you'd be making money on and the other is a curio - welcome to our weird and wonderful archive of old car classifieds.

Triumph Mayflower ute & Torana HB - the cars that got away
Very rare but not terribly valuabe. Such is life...

Triumph Mayflower Utility - advertised July 1988

I think the now-famous "Tell him he's dreaming" line from Aussie film The Castle may have been inspired by this advertisement for a $10,000 Mayflower.

The sedans were tall, ungainly and slow and the practicality of a utility version is questionable.

Hopefully someone is still smitten by the Mayflower, but not even extreme scarcity will push this factory-made grocery-hauler to significant value.

If you were the successful buyer way back in 1988, congratulations on owning such a rare vehicle, even if break-even still remains a distant hope.

Then $10,000 Now $5000-7000

Holden Torana HB - advertised April 2002

Once there were lots, now there are almost none. While LC and later Toranas can rely on ties with competition models to boost desirability, hardly anyone has time (or much money) for the original, Vauxhall-based Torana.

This one, loaded with accessories including a radio, sunvisor, mudflaps and even rear wheel-spats, may well have started life as a dealer demonstrator and value is further boosted by exceptionally low mileage.

If you own this, or any authentic HB, you won't yet be rich but you will be enjoying a scarce chunk of Holden history.

Then $4500 Now $8000-10,000


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