Ford Thunderbird barn finds sold at auction

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waylandauction1 An extraordinary collection of cars had been hidden for 30 years. waylandauction1
waylandcar1 There were plenty of ragtops to choose from. waylandcar1
waylandTbird1 This 'Babybird' would have been a good buy. waylandTbird1

A big collection of cars - mostly Thunderbirds - was recently auctioned off after being hidden away for several years

Believe it or not it still happens. Someone in the family keels over and their heirs open up an old barn (or shed, in Australia) to discover a treasure trove of cars most people had forgotten about.

The latest is a collection of over 40 machines, most of them Thunderbirds, from Michigan in the USA.

It seems much of the collection had been offered for sale in 2010 by the then owner Frederick 'T-bird Ted' van Antwerp, who pulled the pin part way through the process.

Since the then the collection has been locked away and only recently came to light again.

There were some rare models among them, and one of two low-milers and none of the prices seemed ridiculous. In fact there were one or two bargains.

You can see the full listing here.


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