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By: Guy Allen

jaguar jaguar

The English version of Fatal Attraction

Who knows why we get these weird urges, but for a long time now I’ve been a strong candidate for an old British car. And it doesn’t really matter what it is.

Okay, maybe it does as there are certain members of the breed that were penned by people who didn’t have folk my size in the design brief. Apparently in their world I should be kept in a cage and fed bananas. So you can forget Mini (the real ones) and Jaguar XK120, though a nice XK150 like the one above might just work.

The swooping lines are to die for, as is the cross between club lounge and Spitfire cockpit you find in machines like the E-type at right. If none of that does anything for you, you might wish to consider giving up cars and take up something far less dignified, like golf.


However the truth is I’m too damn mean to stump up for either Jag, as it would mean putting a big hole in the existing fleet to fund it. While quality is nice, I’ve come to really enjoy wandering out to the shed and selecting something suitably ridiculous from the mechanical menu.

So, really, I’d probably be pretty happy with one of the Wolseleys in the background of the main shot. They’d be comfortable, still have that club lounge feel and likely to be a whole lot less grief to live with.

Then again, partner Ms M and I do look longingly at Jaguar XJ6s and wonder, well, how much trouble could one really cause? Maybe one day we’ll crack.

Seriously, this is madness. Maybe it’s time to grab a spanner and fix one of the monsters we already own.


From Unique Cars #475, February 2023


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