1971-74 Holden HQ Monaro - 50 Years of Holden Monaro

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holden hq monaro 4 holden hq monaro 4

Was HQ the best of the Monaro body shapes? There’s definitely a school of thought that it’s the pick of the litter with the most elegant body shell

The launch of the HQ series was literally revolutionary for Holden and, in sedan form, led to its biggest-ever production numbers. Lots of coupe styles were trialled before the final shape was agreed, including a convertible T-top and hardtops with wrap-around rear screens.

Tempting as they sound, the end result was brilliant, and it offered more mechanical configurations and trim choices than before.


The 161 engine was finally upgraded to a 173 with three-speed column shift. From there the engine list ran 202 six, plus 253 and 350 V8s. The model line was Monaro starting at $3330, Monaro LS (Luxury Sport) starting at $3570 or Monaro GTS starting at $3720 with the 253 engine. You could also order a 308 in the GTS.

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Top of the heap was the Monaro GTS 350 starting at $4633. with a manual transmission behind a 275-horse version of the V8. Though not as quick as some earlier cars, the GTS 350 was admired for being a far better Grand Tourer drive.


With this generation, we finally got to see a sporty-looking four-door Monaro. The whole dressed-up sedan idea had been trialled with the wildly successful SS, becoming a Monaro GTS reality from 1973. Available with the 253, 308 or 350 V8s, sedan pricing started at $3766.

GTS coupes and four-doors were marketed side-by-side with the catchline: "They’ll make you enjoy motoring all over again."


HQ coupe production numbers, according to Norm Darwin’s guide, climbed to 13,872 with just 403 of the premium GTS 350 two-doors rolling off the line. The number of four-doors is substantial but far more difficult to verify. A popular estimate for GTS 350 four-door production is 800.


1971- 74 Holden HQ GTS 350

Engine 5733cc SB Chev OHV V8, Rochester 4V carb
Power 205kW @ 4800rpm
Torque 488Nm @3200rpm
Gearbox 4-speed Muncie manual
Suspension Independent – unequal w/bones, coils, tube shocks(f). Live axle – coils, links, tube shocks (r)
Brakes Disc (f), drum (r)Weight 1429kg



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