Holden HK-HG Kingswood/Premier/Brougham - 2021 Market Review

By: Cliff Chambers

holden hk kingswood holden hk kingswood

Holden HK-HG Kingswood/Premier/Brougham

HK-HG Broughams that were missing presumed extinct have roared back into contention with some lovely original cars available at around $40K and a few ‘projects’ below $25,000.

The other cars in this selection to track down are HK V8 Premiers, which will be more expensive than Broughams but with a more competitive market. Most that appear sell for more than $50,000 and even six-cylinder versions are getting costly. HT-HG V8 Prems in decent order generally make less than HKs, however some vendors in seeking $90K aren’t doing their chances of effecting a sale any favours.

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Six-cylinder Premiers cost $30-35,000 with other HK-HG passenger cars at around $25,000, utilities slightly cheaper and good quality vans able to top $30,000. Add 50 percent for a ute or van with a factory V8, rather than the typical ‘red six’.

HK-HG 6 $28,525 [19]

HK-HG V8 $55,500 [6]

HK Premier Six $35,335 [3]

HK Premier V8 $61,900 [2]

HT-HG Premier Six $29,500 [3]

HT-HG Premier V8 $66,210 [7]

HK-HG Brougham $44,400 [5]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2021 Aussie Family & Sports Car Value Guide.

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From Unique Cars #450, March 2021


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