1999 Nissan R34 Skyline GT - Reader Ride

By: Eden Bastian

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Eden Bastian's '99 Nissan R34 Skyline GT


When I was growing up, my neighbour had a black two-door R34, so I just fell in love with them. I’ve always liked the drift scene, so just having a Skyline is awesome. Some think it’s a modern car, but it’s three years older than me!


I’m 16 and got my Ls in August last year, then bought the Skyline in September. It’s non-turbo, has no mods and is all learner-legal, but I did put a Rushing Riptide cyan purple wrap on it. It goes from pastel to glitter, purple, turquoise and pink depending on light, as I wanted something really different.


Kane.Signs.Wraps did the work; it made me cry when I saw it half disassembled because it looked like it had been in a fight, but then I remembered that it’s for a good cause!


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