Video: Project HQ GTS Tribute Part 8

Our ex-racer HQ GTS tribute project car looks great in a new coat of black...


Project HQ GTS tribute - part 8

Uncle Phil visits Gary O'Brien and the team at Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars to find our GTS is starting to look like a car again.

After layers of PPG black paint and ceramic clear covering the rewoked panels, the body work is complete. Now there's a bit of planning and co-ordination to do. Gary says, "now the body's done, we've got to try and marry it all together with all our bits".

Uncle Phil says it's really coming together. "Koni are all over it, Di Filippo are ready with the exhaust...Top Performance are going to do the engine and we've gone to a 355. They're saying around 500-plus horsepower which is very usable for the road," he says.

"We really wanted that Holden-based stroker engine," says Gary, "because it gives good torque and the engine systems in these are now well sorted."

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Look for all the behind the scenes photos at Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars' facebook page here.




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