Cartainers - Safety first!

Photography by: Cartainers

If you’ve wanted a clear case to show off your 1:1 scale model, these Ceres 001 storage boxes from Cartainers could be what you are looking for.

Cartainers - Safety first!
Pricing for the Ceres 001 Cartainers, starts from $75,000

Cartainers are a vehicle display, storage and transportation box designed to securely house and transport vehicles. These state-of-the-art boxes offer customisable frame colours, bespoke flooring and lighting options, along with integrated tie-downs.

A contemporary design, they’ve been fabricated for compatibility on trucks, container ships and trains, with the frame design allowing for maximum flexibility during transportation.

Smart technology is at the forefront with a smartphone app allowing remote control of all the Cartainer features, including opening and closing the electric-actuated ramp and sliding doors, creating lighting animations, temperature monitoring and humidity checking. Users can also track the cargo position with the cellular-enabled GPS system.

A smart-control security system has year-round interior and exterior camera monitoring, automated door locking and facial recognition access. It comes with a 72-hour battery for short-term transport or unexpected power outages. It also allows for the management of multiple Cartainers, providing access, security and control for customers with more than one unit.

The frame has been designed with a maximum opening for ease of vehicle movements as well as providing the largest practical viewing area, with polycarbonate used for the walls, instead of glass, for durability and security. The e-track tie-downs accommodate almost any size vehicle for transportation, from sedans to larger vehicles like SUVs and trucks. 

Pricing for the Ceres 001 Cartainers, starts from $75,000 with deliveries commencing 2025. 

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