1964 Ford F600- Toybox

Photography by: Owner/Aussiebigbangers

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When a dedicated car restorer tackles a truck restoration, he leaves no stone unturned

If you have attended a vintage truck show in recent years, the level of restorations and enthusiasm toward rigs of yesteryear are on the upper.

If this stunning Ford F600 looks familiar, you may have seen it grace the pages of this very magazine. Well-known restorer and friend of the magazine, Brian Tomkins, has dedicated significant time and money meticulously restoring this 1964 Ford F600.

 Ready to show or haul!

He found this one at a clearing sale and noticed the unusual spec: 292 Heavy Duty V8, four-barrel carburettor, five-speed gearbox and an unusual control set-up. "As soon as I saw it, I thought this is something," he said.

The story goes that while Australia got F-series trucks like this, it was nearly always the basic version. "In Australia we got the poverty pack in most vehicles, and the same happened with the trucks," Brian explains.

So a local interior would typically have a single instrument, and bare panels in the cabin, while the American market versions could be ordered with what was called a Custom Cab that had the sort of trim and luxuries you might expect in a high-end car.

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It needed a hell of a lot of work to get it back in to shape. A lot of pieces were only to be found in the USA, and often for prices that looked like ransom money. He recalls spotting an air scoop at a show in Hershey (in the USA), which led to a brief stand-off. Both he and the seller knew exactly what it was and how hard they were to find. In the end, Brian had to cough up.

The end result is truly magnificent and appeals even to non-truck people. So much so, that it won the outright trophy at an All-Ford Day in Queanbeyan (NSW) several years ago – and that’s up against the likes of glamour Fords like GTHOs!

The time has now come to find this stunning truck a new home, if you’re after something that draws a crowd in a different way, get in touch – 0414 762 893. 


ENGINE: 292 Ci Y-Block, Heavy Duty 4V

POWER: 171hp at 3800rpm

TRANSMISSION: 5-Speed Clark Gearbox

DIFFERENTIAL: 2-speed Eaton 

 • Multi Award Winner.

• Restored to Concours standard, perfect paint, zero rust anywhere.

• Fitted with full custom cab trim.

• Loaded with NOS super-rare accessories not seen in Australia.

• Fitted with front & reverse facing cameras.

• Polished aluminium water tank.

• New 19ft tray.

• Wind-down spare tyre.

• Extra fuel tank.

• Many accessories including workshop manuals and books.

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