Ford Cortina Lotus + Austin Healey Sprite + BMW 635CSI - Phil's picks 446

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He's been unleashed from lockdown and is looking for trouble. Join Uncle Phil as he scans the market for a new toy


1970 Ford Cortina Lotus Mk2


If Ford is to be remembered for anything it’s usually its big performance V8s, but I’d just as happily take a good Lotus Cortina any day of the week. While Mustangs were making their point across the Atlantic, the nimble Cortina was terrorising the tracks (tar and dirt) in auld England. Sure, a lot of people prefer the first-gen Cortinas, but I reckon the Mark IIs are pretty special, too, and probably better decveloped. If the ad is right, this car is as good as it gets, with all the documentation you could want and what seems to be a history of caring owners. Perfect.

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1965 Austin Healey Sprite MkIII



There was once a bug-eye Sprite parked in the shed and I reckon this could be a pretty nice update. This car has had a comprehensive older restoration and presents beautifully under the bonnet and in its interior. Plus, it’s in the iconic British racing green hue. It seems to have a known history and for $15k this would be a brilliant car to tuck into the corner of your garage and drive on a sunny day. You’re not going to shred rubber with it, but playing with a basic and light little car is a treat.

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1985 BMW 635CSI E24



Ed Guido is a bit of a sucker for these things, with an early E24 manual in his shed – his second. This auto would make the perfect companion. It’s one of those models that needs to be checked out carefully, but once sorted they’re a pretty good drive and seem to be reliable. The 3.5 litre six claims a healthy 220 horses while the auto is a four-speed, so you’re talking about something that’s a pretty good distance car. Prices were flat for most of last decade but we have seen them on the move as the previous 3.0CS generation has gained.

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1958 Chevrolet Impala



We’re a bit out of my usual playbook here. However the ‘58 Impala has worldwide collector appeal and was hugely popular with the modified and low-rider crowd. It really was a unique shape that was unmatched by other marques. Buddy Holly owned a ‘58 coupe and this model was one of the star cars in the film American Graffiti. This example has been converted to RHD and is powered by a trusty 350 Chev. Optioned with dual rear deck antennas and contrasting red/white trim, it looks ready to roll.

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From Unique Cars #446, November 2020 

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