Auburn Speedster tribute - today's out-there tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

1930s style with modern mechanicals

Auburn Speedster tribute - today's out-there tempter
1930s Speedster replica just might get noticed in traffic...

Auburn is one of those near-mythical American makes that reached its pinnacle during the later 1920s and early 1930s, then somehow faded out of existence. In fact, the company keeled over in 1937, some 12 years after it made its first eight-cylinder car.

It's most legendary design was the Speedster 851, which today is worth somewhere in the region of $200-300,000. That car ran a straight-eight with supercharger, good for around 150hp.

For the last couple of decades, you've been able to buy a replica of that car out of the USA, running relatively modern Ford mechanicals, and priced new at around the $180,000 mark. The idea is you get the looks without the hassles of 1930s components.

Undercover Cars in Queensland is offering this 1987 build, which runs a 5.7lt V8 and auto transmission. Unlike the original, it has disc brakes all round, plus a limited-slip diff.

It's probably not one for the person who wants to keep a low profile, and is priced at $76,500.


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