1976 Holden Kingswood wagon - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Ideal cruiser for the big road trip

1976 Holden Kingswood wagon - today's tempter
Big Aussie wagons like this are in demand.

By the time this 1976 Kingswood wagon hit the road, the whole HQ-HZ series of sedans and wagons - and with them the Kingswood nameplate - was just three years away from finishing. The WB ute sand Statesman would carry on for a little while.

Holden was to introduce the more compact Commodore in 1978, seen as a response to the 'fuel crisis' the world was talking about at the time. Not everyone was happy with its smaller dimensions

Aussie wagons of this era have definitely hit the collector radar and are in demand. Your problem is finding a good one, as many (if not most) ended up as workhorses that were literally driven into the ground.

This example in NSW is running a 253 (4.2lt) reco V8 with four-speed manual. The 253 can drink around town but is actually pretty good when cruising on the highway.

It's undergone some restoration work and is said to be running disc brakes all round. A towbar is included and the price is $15,900.



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