Bo Duke’s Charger Up For Grabs!

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

The General Lee The General Lee
The General Lee The General Lee
The General Lee The General Lee
The General Lee The General Lee
The General Lee The General Lee

This could be a hazard… for your wallet

Everyone remembers The Dukes of Hazard, right? Well, now you can purchase the best cast member from the show – The General Lee.

Mecum Auctions in the U.S is hosting an awesome auction in Las Vegas on November 16-18, and this splendid ’69 Dodge Charger ‘General Lee’ is one of the star attractions.

This isn’t just any old General Lee lookalike however, this car has previously been owned by John Schneider himself, or to you and I, Bo Duke.

As a result, the car has a huge amount of provenance and even has the cast members signatures featured under the bonnet and sun visor and special lettering above each door which say ‘Bo’s General Lee’.

Judging from the photos, the vehicle appears to be in immaculate condition and comes complete with the thumping Mopar 360ci bent eight donk and three-speed automatic transmission.

Also included in the sale of the vehicle is a book featuring the original cast members of the show attending a homecoming event in Virginia, a letter of authenticity, a copy of Mopar Collector Guide articles and a documented service history.

There’s no telling how much Bo’s General will sell for, however, this very Charger sold back in 2008 for $230,000, so expect it to be quite a lot.

All we know is, this would be a simply awesome car to call your own, but unlike the original owner, we probably wouldn’t be sending it over any big jumps while evading the police.    

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