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griswald truckster griswald truckster

Iconic Ford from the National Lampoon rolling disaster for sale

A version of the monster station wagon – the family truckster - which featured in National Lampoon’s Vacation movie series, is for sale in the USA.

Complete with Walley World sticker and an ‘empty’ dog leash tied to the rear bumper, it lays claim to possibly being one of the cars used on the silver screen.

There’s no documentation to prove it, however some of the history is known.

Underneath the American gothic restyle, complete with fake timber panelling and enough headlights to light up a stadium, is a 1971 Ford LTD station wagon with a 351 V8 in the nose.

In normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be a worth a fortune, but the current vendor is asking US$39,900 (AU$52,500) thanks to the movie connection.

See it here via Hemmings


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