Three Cuda Package

By: Oscar Hammond

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From a collector’s barn in Montreal, Canada, the Cuda collector's dream has become a reality with a three Barracuda package currently in the midst of a bidding storm.

Three Cudas for $300k?

Two of the cars are the legendary Hemi Cudas, each of which could easily rake in a strong $300,000, not to mention the third car is the classic Cuda 440 6-Pack which totals this sale up to a massive deal for one lucky bidder.

Two beautiful Hemi Cudas in Florida even ended up going for over US$2,000,000 each at a Mecum Auction earlier this year, showcasing the potential selling power behind these timeless machines.

Currently sitting at just over that US$300,000 mark and with under 48 hours left of bidding; its anyone’s guess what these Cuda’s could go for, but expect this price to ramp up heavily in the coming hours.

With an immediate deposit of US$2,000 and a generous bid, the seller is willing to split the cars, each of which is in great shape with full restorations and original body panels on the 1971 440 6-Pack.

You know you have an amazing collection when a Cuda 440 6-Pack is the least impressive car in the sale, and with all three cars being in excellent shape, it would be a bidding war that any collector would kick themselves for missing.

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