Toyota iQ micro-sized car now available in Oz

Toyota iQ Toyota iQ Toyota iQ
Toyota iQ Toyota iQ Toyota iQ
Toyota iQ Toyota iQ Toyota iQ
iQ's four-passenger capacity (3 adults   1 child) iQ's four-passenger capacity (3 adults 1 child) iQ's four-passenger capacity (3 adults   1 child)
iQ is fitted with nine airbags as standard iQ is fitted with nine airbags as standard iQ is fitted with nine airbags as standard
Toyota iQ seating Toyota iQ seating Toyota iQ seating
Toyota iQ interior Toyota iQ interior Toyota iQ interior
Toyota iQ Toyota iQ Toyota iQ

The micro-sized car market just got a little bigger...Melbourne-based Holford Motors is now importing the innovative, tiny Toyota iQ which has not previously been available in Australia

Toyota's micro-sized iQ was first shown back in 2008 at the Geneva Motor Show as a near-final design, with the final production model making its debut seven months later at Paris. In that same year, the chic little 'city-car' also took out Japan's coveted Car of The Year award. Designed for innovation and quality (iQ), fuel efficiency and maneuverability, it was labelled revolutionary and radical as the world's smallest four-seater passenger car within a body of less than three metres long (2985mm). Unfortunately for the Australian market, the tiny iQ was not scheduled for delivery to our shores. Until now.

Enter Holford Motors, a Melbourne-based business who specialise in vehicle imports, quarantine, towing and compliance. With their expertise in importing cars from Japan and identifying a potential of the iQ to the Australian market, they can now import and comply these cars (in RHD) for our roads - and are the only one in the country to do so. Although based in Melbourne, Holford can also arrange transport for interstate clients.


The Toyota iQ was considered a breakthrough in compact urban transportation when it was launched in 2008. The innovative design has the capacity to seat four people in comfort (three adults and a child), combined with high levels of safety, low CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency.

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The iQ shows that being a small package doesn't mean there has to be a compromise on safety. It comes with a 5-star NCAP rating and includes nine airbags as standard, plus what Toyota calls a 360 degree protection approach. Also standard is vehicle stability control, traction control, ABS, brake assist and elecronic brakeforce distribution (EBD).

Holford Motors say their customers who test drive the iQ are surprised about how good it is and most claim they fall in love with it after the first drive.

So if you're in the market for a small, zippy, fuel - and space - efficient way to get around town, you can now put Japan's 2008 Car of The Year on your shopping list.

Prices range from around $14k to $17k driveaway (1.0L and 1.3L) and include 12 months warranty. There's also a 6-speed manual and limited edition GRMN iQ model coming soon.

Contact Holford Motors for more information on their iQ cars currently in stock, or models that are soon to be delivered:

Holford Motors
100 New Street
South Kingsville, Vic, 3015

Ph: 03 9391 8239

Toyota -iq -7-658



Toyota iQ (AU delivery)

Length: 2985mm
Wheelbase: 2000mm
Width: 1680mm
Height: 1500mm
Engine: 1.0L 3-cylinder or 1.3L 4-cylinder, both petrol
Transmission: Auto with CVT or manual
Combined fuel consumption: 4.3l/100km (1.0L), 4.8l/100km (1.3L)
Seating capacity: 2 or 4 (3+1)
Power: 50kW (1.0L), 69 kW (1.3L)
Max torque: 91Nm (1.0L), 118 Nm (1.3L)
Warranty: 12 months, can be extended



Holford Motors has been specialising in importing items, not just vehicles, for over 20 years. If you're thinking of importing, they can handle the shipping, customs, quarantine and compliance for you. They can also help you source a vehicle overseas. Find out more on Holford's services here.


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