Nissan Skyline GTS-R + Falcon ED XR8 + HG Monaro - Ones That Got Away 446

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Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

1987 Nissan Skyline GTS-R - Advertised April 2013

This has to be one of those situations where you’re tempted to ask what took the market so long to wake up to these things? As the 2013 ad says, it was one of 800 homolgation specials and of course the competition cars had a fascinating history. For the time, there was a lot of technology packed into these coupes and they were a weapon. Even now, a well-maintined one would perform and handle in a way that utterly defies the term ‘classic’ and would represent a fair amount of bang for your buck. Sure they’ve risen spactacularly in price, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they have a way to go.

Then: $15,000. Now: $30,000-40,000


1993 Ford Falcon ED XR8 - Advertised April 2014


Though nowhere near as glamorous as some of the GTs we’ve seen across the years, the Tickford-developed XR series in six and eight form have a whole lot to recommend them. In fact, an ED XR8 is a serious challenger to an EB GT on the performance front, though it has far more subtle bodywork. Comparisons aside, these things definitely have a place in in a Ford collector’s shed, though prices really are all over the place. An absolute minter with low miles will be worth serious money, while a high-miler in need of some love could be a relatively inexpensive project car.

Was: $8500. Now: $15,000-45,000


1970 Holden HG Monaro - Advertised March 2013


This is one of those cases where condition is absolutely everything, along with good history and plenty of paperwork. The market has softened off substantially since these things reached new records a few years ago, although that message has yet to get through to a lot of sellers. Nevertheless, if you bought this example back then, and the body really was okay, you would have done very well. However the acceptable standard for restos has risen over the years, as has the cost, so one that needs work will suffer – hence the broad giant price range.

Was: $40,000. Now: $80,000-180,000


Reader's One That Got Away:

Holden HDT VN Aero


I remember looking at an immaculate VN Aero in the late 90s with 30,000kms for $14K. It was the 5.0 litre manual and a one owner car, I could not scrape the funds together and thought to myself another car would come up. I ended up buying a VN Aero clone but it was terrible, hopefully I can secure the real thing in the future.

Joshua Banks - Gracetown, WA


From Unique Cars #446, November 2020

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