BMW 330CI E46 - Starter Classics $15K or less

By: Cliff Chambers, Photography by: Unique Cars Archives

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bmw 3 series 330ci e46 3 bmw 3 series 330ci e46 3
bmw e46 330 bmw e46 330
bmw 3 series 330ci e46 headlight bmw 3 series 330ci e46 headlight

BMW''s E46 Three Series is one of the Bavarian brand's best and still affordable for now

Anyone who has trawled the market for an early Three Series will notice that prices of E30 and previous models have tilted upwards at a significant rate. And while we’re not saying that E46 versions won’t follow the pre-1991 cars recent price boom, they do tick a lot of boxes while remaining affordable.

E46 versions of the 330Ci sold here from 2000-06 and although some versions did cost $100,000+ when new, the $15k in your hand will buy a very decent pre-2004 car.


Great to punt on a winding road

Some of these BMWs have averaged fewer than 5000 kilometres annually, often because their owners had numerous cars and none were used every day.

| Buyer's Guide: BMW 330ci E46

Even though they may not have travelled far, regular servicing is still important, as is that call to your local Beemer specialist to get a list of upcoming maintenance items and costs.


The 3.0-litre engine is a beauty, but be cautious of top-end rattles which signal that the Vanos Variable Valve Timing may be about to fail.


From Unique Cars #472, Nov/Dec 2022


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