Torana A9X and Ford XR GT Gallaher – the cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

A9X LWEIGHT MAR 89 Torana A9X lightweight. A9X LWEIGHT MAR 89
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Join Cliff for a mad dash through our old classifieds.

Torana A9X and Ford XR GT Gallaher – the cars that got away
Torana A9X now looks like a bargain

Holden Torana A9X Lightweight – advertised March 1989

Bearing in mind that 1989 was right in the midst of Australia’s first performance car ‘boom’, this significant A9X was ridiculously cheap.

At the time ‘normal’ A9X Hatches were nudging $30,000 and people were talking about Phase 3 Falcons reaching $100,000 so one of two lightweight A9Xs at this price was a bargain.

When spotted by Unique Cars at a ‘Tribute to Torana’ event in 2004 it was unregistered due to compliance plate issues.

However we doubt the ability to drive it to the shops will affect the desirability of this particular muscle car.

Then $37,000 Now $250,000+

Ford XR GT Gallaher Special – advertised October 2007

So, it’s 1967, you are a car nut, your employer sells Irish cigarettes and is sponsoring a major motor race.

As a sales rep you get a company vehicle and what they give you to help promote the brand is a Falcon identical (almost) to the race winner but painted in the company colours.

I mean seriously, you wouldn’t even ask what the salary was.

Just eight XR GT Gallaher Specials were produced and a couple of verifiable cars survive in outstanding condition.

This one was offered in 2007 at huge – but at the time reasonable – money and still appears at Ford events. 

Then $425,000  Now $250,000+

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