Datsun 240Z plus Japanese value guide in next issue

David Toleman’s lovely 240Z David Toleman’s lovely 240Z David Toleman’s lovely 240Z

Datsun 240Z: Two-seater Datsun highlights rising values...


Datsun 240Z

Classic Zed on menu

Next issue of Unique Cars magazine (out Feb 12) is featuring a seventies Datsun 240Z as one of the highlights of a giant Japanese classic car value guide.

The first of a long line of long-nosed coupes from Datsun (aka Nissan), the 240Z has risen sharply in value over recent years.

Now a good one will cost $40,000 and that number is likely to keep rising.

The pic shows David Toleman’s lovely Zed in the studio, with shooter Graeme checking the lighting before firing away.

That car, and lots more, will be featured in the new mag.


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