Video: 50 years of Ford Mustang

In issue 366 of Unique Cars, we celebrate 50 years of Ford's signature car, the mighty Mustang. Greg Leech and Uncle Phil take us through some of the best examples of Mustangs from the past five decades...


50 Years of Ford Mustang: 1964 - 2014

To celebrate 50 years of the world's greatest muscle car, we've gathered together six examples of Mustangs and their owners to represent each era - from the first generation 1964½ D-Code through to a current generation 2013 GT.

With the cars all lined-up for our feature shoot, Uncle Phil says, "It doesn't matter whether you're old or young, most people like a doesn't get any better than that!"


Through the years:
Robert Van Stokrom's 1964½ Mustang 289 coupe D-Code. "How an old Mustang should be", says Uncle Phil.
1970s: Chris Leniman's 1970 Mustang Mach I with ('69 spec) Windsor 2V, Texas Speedway pace car. (Driver: Richard Dabbs)
1980s: Travis Folwell's 1989 Mustang Saleen (Fox body)
1990s: Ron Campbell's 1995 Mustang Saleen Convertible
2000s: Mick Romeril's 2002 Mustang Tickford-Converted Cobra
Current generation: From Mustang Motorsport, Craig Dean's 2013 Mustang 5.0-litre V8

Plus, in issue #366 we go into the history of the Mustang story, with some little-known trivia about America's favourite Pony car. We also take a peek at the new generation, 2015 model.


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Read the full story of the world's greatest muscle car in issue #366 of Unique Cars, on sale now.

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