Euroa Show and Shine 2017

By: Guy Allen, Photography by: Guy Allen

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Annual historic show pulls over 650 cars and a massive crowd


Euroa Show and Shine 2017

The annual Euroa show, these days billed as the Australian National Show and Shine, is one of those ‘must-see’ events in our calandar. It takes over the local parks and several streets with a really eclectic mix of machinery.

This year (held on Sunday, 1 October) was no exception. The vast trophy table, groaning under the weight of metal on offer, was a clear indicator of how much work goes into the organisation. As always, a great event.

Euroa -65

A big show needs a big trophy table! Lots of work to put this one together..

Euroa -77

This may be our favourite FB Holden colour scheme - emblematic of the period.

Euroa -72

356 Porsche with the appropriate numberplate is dwarfed by its Chevrolet neighbor.

Euroa -64

This XK120 Jaguar looked like a very well-used example. Great to see.

Euroa -75

This was the nicest R31 Nissan Skyline we’ve seen in a very long time

Euroa -66

Stunning 1935 Chevrolet coupe. We wanted to take this one home...

Euroa -71

This much-loved Valiant Regal would have been a hot contender for an award.

Euroa -68

This beautifully restored SA police Holden HZ scored a major trophy.


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