Euroa National Show and Shine 2016 - Gallery

By: Unique Cars magazine

IMG 9586 Early Toyota Crown. IMG 9586
IMG 9607 Proud owner of an exceptional Triumph Spitfire. IMG 9607
IMG 9609 Family Holdens show off. IMG 9609
IMG 9610 Not looking well... IMG 9610
IMG 9611 Plenty of emergency transport. IMG 9611
IMG 9613 Very tasty Chev hardtop. IMG 9613
IMG 9615 And some impressive fastback Mustangs. IMG 9615
IMG 9618 Chev in 150 trim and beautifully presented. IMG 9618
IMG 9629 Croquet club has its own Mack, apparently. IMG 9629
IMG 9634 Ford coupe club was there in strength. IMG 9634
IMG 9635 Nice old FB and sinister companion. IMG 9635
IMG 9636 Yep, it seems to the real deal. IMG 9636
IMG 9637 Nice engine bay. IMG 9637
IMG 9639 This really is a golden oldie. IMG 9639
IMG 9643 Triumph Heralds aren't seen much in the wild these days. IMG 9643
IMG 9644 Interesting contrast - Morgan versus Humpy Holdens. IMG 9644
IMG 9645 The one on the right has perfected the survivor look. IMG 9645
IMG 9647 Very nicely done. IMG 9647
IMG 9648 Pontiac snout is unmistakable. IMG 9648
IMG 9649 Pretty fancy carburettor set-up for an old Holden. IMG 9649
IMG 9650 And here it is. IMG 9650
IMG 9651 It looks like a long walk to the cabin! IMG 9651
IMG 9652 Gotta love a big Chev soft-top. IMG 9652
IMG 9653 Minis always pull at the heartstrings. IMG 9653
IMG 9655 Nice to see a much-loved Datsun coupe. IMG 9655
IMG 9656 The ever-popular Datsun 1600. IMG 9656
IMG 9657 1600 owner is serious about presentation. IMG 9657
IMG 9659 Falcon - don't say you weren't warned! IMG 9659
IMG 9665 Happy Mopar owners. IMG 9665
IMG 9675 Old and new muscle rub shoulders. IMG 9675
IMG 9687 HSV club had a good turn-out. IMG 9687
IMG 9689 Simple lines were an award-winner back in the day. IMG 9689
IMG 9691 Open the engine bay and stand back... IMG 9691
IMG 9692 Yep, that engine bay belonged to this GT40 replica. IMG 9692
IMG 9693 There's something special about a Camaro snout. IMG 9693
IMG 9696 The ye olde exterior hides a bunch of upgrades. IMG 9696
IMG 9708 Hot little Ford would be welcome in most sheds. IMG 9708
IMG 9710 Commodore and Thunderbird vie for attention. IMG 9710
IMG 9761 Triumph TR7 is stalked by a Citroen Goddess. IMG 9761
IMG 9763 Yep, this rod was well worth a closer look. IMG 9763
IMG 9764 Unless we got our maths wrong, that looks like 3 blowers in there! IMG 9764
IMG 9765 And they were stuffed into the nose of a Gemini. IMG 9765
IMG 9775 Mating season for Chargers? IMG 9775
IMG 9776 This lovely FB had a little surprise under the bonnet. IMG 9776
IMG 9777 And there it is - a 308 bent 8. IMG 9777
IMG 9751 And this will be a 'that's all folks' from Chevrolet... IMG 9751

Euroa's annual National Show and Shine pulled a big crowd and a great range of machinery.

Euroa National Show and Shine 2016 - Gallery
This 61 Corvette, owned by Russell Pell, won the top trophy.

Euroa's big annual show went off well, despite having to move it from the local parks - the ground was too soft after weeks of soaking rain - to township streets. In fact, the move to the streets was a welcome one, giving it a distinctive atmosphere.

Numerous bands and a variety of catering added to the event, while there was a good selection of cars and bikes on hand.

Enjoy our gallery - you can see the event's own web site here.

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