Mazda MX5/MX6 1987-2010 - 2022 Market Review

By: Cliff Chambers

mazda mx5 mazda mx5

2022 Market Review - Mazda MX5/MX6 1987-2010

Mazda’s record-setting MX-5 ranks as the only volume sports car to achieve ‘vintage’ status while still in production.

Early ones only a few years back were seriously cheap, but those days are gone, and a very good NA Series will now cost $20,000. Pay a little more and you might secure a leather-trimmed Limited.

Then look down the list of later versions and you realise that there really isn’t very much difference in price between any of them. Not until you reach the Turbo anyway, which exceeds $30,000.

Which version you buy will therefore be a matter of personal taste but getting the lowest possible kilometres for your money is a good strategy. MX-6s sadly haven’t enjoyed the same levels of preservation as the open cars and are in danger of disappearing.

MX-5/Limited/Eunos 1989-93 $21,495 (22)

MX-5 1994-98 $18,435 (16)

MX-5 1999-02 $15,005 (28)

MX-5 2003-06 $18,250 (25)

MX-5 2007-10 $20,345 (20)

MX-5 Turbo $32,875 (8)

MX-6 1987-90 $7500 (1)

MX-6 V6 1991-95 $4585 (3)

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2022 Japanese Classic & Performance Car Guide.

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From Unique Cars #467, Jun/Jul 2022


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