Datsun Bluebird/1200/1600/Sunny 1961-1985 - 2022 Market Review

By: Cliff Chambers

datsun 1200 coupe 1 datsun 1200 coupe 1

2022 Market Review - Datsun Bluebird/1200/1600/Sunny

Everyone seems fine with paying big money for Datsun 1600s and the prices of excellent, authentic sedans remain above $30,000.

The shock comes though when similar amounts are asked for good examples of the cute 1200 coupe, one of which was recently offered at $35,000. Sedans and wagons (1000 and 1200) are still around and not too expensive, however demand for 1200 pickups (utes) remains strong and some sell at more than $20,000.

There are benefits to salvaging and restoring low-priced survivors though, with a lot being modified and boosting the prospects of stock examples.

Early Bluebirds are historically significant cars and low values hard to understand, especially when Sunnys and Stanzas are pushing past $10,000.


Bluebird 1963-68 $8340 (8)

1000/1200 Sedan/Wagon $14,230 (5)

1000/1200 Coupe $34,280 (5)

1200 Utility $20,245 (18)

Sunny $9755 (7)

Stanza $8455 (7)

1600 Sedan/Wagon $31,415 (6)


[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2022 Japanese Classic & Performance Car Guide.

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From Unique Cars #467, Jun/Jul 2022


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