MG 1946-2003 - 2021 Market Review

By: Cliff Chambers

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2021 Market Review - MG 1946-2003


MG 1946-1973

Hardly anyone who owned an MG TC from new will still be with us but the prices being sought for their cars have soared. Using the global market as a guide, TCs in other places remain significantly below the $60-90,000 being sought here.

TD and TF models remain at realistic levels. Up and occasionally reaching $70,000 are outstanding examples of the MGA with 1.5 or 1.6 litre engines and so too the 1.5-litre Magnette sedan.

MGB roadsters are appreciating but at sustainable rates. The huge leap in the GT prices is inexplicable and unlikely to be sustained, with excellent cars still below $35,000. Midgets look like a downsized MGB and $20,000 is fair money for a good car.

TC $63,870 [8]

TD $32,000 [9]

TF $44.665 [3]

MGA $58,870 [11]

MGB Roadster 1963-73 $26,520 [34]

MGB GT 1965-73 $44,825 [4]

Midget 1967-73 $24,565 [7]

Magnette 1953-57 $16,300 [3]


| 2019 Market Review: MG 1946-1973


MG 1974-2003


Leyland Australia stopped selling MGs in 1973 and later cars will be private imports. These came with jacked-up suspension and big bumpers to meet US crash test regulations and remain cheaper in the local market than chrome bumper cars.

Not so the 1990s RV8 that wasn’t sold in the USA - most went to Japan - and are hanging on well at around $40,000. The Rover Group’s mid-engined MGF had its problems, but a lot were sold here and survivors are easily found.

Best of this model are TF135 and TF160 versions which are headed for $20,000. Sedans from the same era include the scarce and ferocious ZT260 plus the meeker and cheaper ZT180.

MGB Roadster 1974-80 $20,745 [14]

MGB GT 1974-80 $25,250 [2]

RV8 $45,935 [4]

MG F 1997-2002 $9920 [29]

MG TF135/160 $15,200 [6]

ZT Sedan $3775 [6]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2021 European & British Value Guide.


| 2019 Market Review: MG 1974-2003

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