Jeep (1942-1999) - 2020 Market Review

By: Cliff Chambers

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2020 Market Review: Jeep 1942 - 1999

The World War II Jeep changed not only the course of that conflict but the automotive world. Without it there would be no Land-Rover or Land-Cruiser and probably no Jeep brand at all.

Military versions at less than $25,000 are relatively cheap, especially considering the money available overseas for recreational Jeepster derivatives and paid here for wagons and pickups.

Later Jeeps seem more recreational than collectible, with the CJ Series now rarely found without some modification.

The later Wrangler has been gaining in value as the quality of typical examples improves.

Big, 5.9-litre Grand Wagoneers from the 1980s are scarce and, based on overseas indicators, should be worth at least $30,000 here.

GPW 1942-53 $24,065 [6]

Jeep Wagon 1954-62 $30,665 [3]

CJ-5-CJ-8 $21,425 [7]

Cherokee/Wagoneer 1977-89 $18,000 [2]

Wrangler 1996-99 $15,510 [10]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2020 Muscle Car & US Car Value Guide.

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From Unique Cars #447, December 2020

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