Holden Commodore/Calais VB-VL - 2019 Market Review

By: Cliff Chambers

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Holden Commodore/Calais VB, VC, VH, VK, VL

V8 and turbo-six Holden Commodores are vanishing quickly from the general market and hopefully this doesn’t mean the numbers of surviving cars are diminishing as well. However it is almost certain that rusty or neglected vehicles are being sacrificed as sources of parts.

VB-VC 5.0-litre SL/E models can make $35,000, however most currently sell $10,000 below that level. Hopeful owners of modified cars have pushed asking prices for VK-VL V8s to almost the same level as Calais versions and VL Turbos continue to make gains.

Among the cars performing strongly are ex-police pursuit models which with authentic presentation exceed $40,000. A smallish sample didn’t accurately reflect averages for the VL Calais Turbo which should be closer to $40,000.

VB-VL V8 $18,865 [11]

VB-VH SL/E V8 $23,000 [7]

VK-VL V8 $31,270 [10]

VL Turbo $31,500 [11]

VK-VL Calais V8 $34,520 [9]

VL Calais Turbo $31,465 [6]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2019 Muscle Car & US Car Value Guide.


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