HSV Maloo 1990-2008 - market review 2017-18

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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HSV VR Maloo HSV VR Maloo HSV VR Maloo

They got off to a slow start, but these warmed-up utes soon found an audience.

HSV Maloo 1990-2008

HSV must have been hugely disappointed when adding a tricked up utility to its 1990 VN range and selling virtually none.

The concept was just ahead of its time and prior to 2017 the company was shifting hundreds of utes annually.

Early versions as our survey numbers show are hard to find and $15,000 is cheap for a very good pre-2000 Maloo. Asking prices for later 5.0-litre versions can be ambitious and again $15K should currently buy a very good one.

E Series Maloos remain easily found and some vendors are struggling to move excellent cars when the prices are above $30,000.

Potential collectors items include Greg Murphy and Anniversary editions, which are very hard to find.

VG-VP Maloo $25,000 [1]

VR-VS Maloo $13,780 [5] 

VU-Y Maloo $15,035 [12]

VYII-Z Maloo $19,715 [15] 

Maloo E 2006-10 $34,355 [38]

[*] = number of verified sales.

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2017-18 Muscle Cars Value Guide.

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