2008 Ford Falcon FG XR6 Turbo: Our Shed

By: Scott Murray, Photography by: Scott Murray

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Scott's Falcon FG XR6 Turbo Scott's Falcon FG XR6 Turbo Scott's Falcon FG XR6 Turbo
Scott's Falcon FG XR6 Turbo Scott's Falcon FG XR6 Turbo Scott's Falcon FG XR6 Turbo

Scotty's fast Falcon delivers the biggest bang for his buck


2008 Ford Falcon FG XR6 Turbo

My heart has long been set on a CV8Z Monaro, one of my dream cars. I still have the poster from a copy of MOTOR magazine, once stuck to bedroom ceiling as a young bloke. That Fusion gold paint, Mike Simcoe’s immortal pencilled lines and the "Instant Classic" ad wooed me for Holden’s last coupe.

But my old uni car left an impression. See, I bought an XT BA and that brilliant four-litre six was bulletproof, the optioned Tremec five-cog was tough and the air con was awesome. It became my workhorse, moving house, dragging my Kingy out bush, fanging out dirt roads and to Bathurst five times. It literally took everything I could drop on it. Nicknamed "Whitey", it’d had enough. I started shopping last year.

I looked feverishly at CV8Zs...and curiously at XR8 Turbos. I found plenty of Monaros for what seemed in decent nick for ‘reasonable money’. Interesting term that. For all my yearning, $35k for a two-door Commodore was too much. I let the dream go.

Unfortunately sellers just aren’t asking reasonable money for them. Sure, they’ll charge what the market will bear, I know, but the market is bearing more than I’m comfy with. Owning a car with the nagging suspicion I’ve been had tarnishes everything.

I nearly bought an octane yellow Turbo in Echuca-Moama. But fading driver’s door clear coat said it saw too much sun and I bailed.

Cooled off, searched again. The sexy ‘seduce’ paint did just that. It was manual. Had 53 thou on it. And original honeycomb alloys. Yes!

Guess what I took to Bathurst the following week.

The lady and I go camping regularly and I love how much stuff I can throw in it without having to join the SUV herd.

Four new Phil-approved Continentals on, I’ll crank Slow Jam by New Order and enjoy my fast Falcon $20k cheaper, quieter, more frugal and faster than the Monaro.

"Can’t get enough of this…"



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