Mark Bean's Cadillac: Our shed

By: Mark Bean

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Stopping Beano's Caddy: $5k spent and he's still not happy!

Mark Bean's Cadillac: Our shed
Staff Cars: Stopping Beano's Caddy


Mark Bean's Cadillac

This is going to hurt! Having just had the brakes done again on my Caddy, Ponch asked me to add up how much I’ve spent persisting with the Fleetwood’s four-wheel drums over the last nine years. I’ve just put down the calculator and it’s frightening – $4895.22!

That obviously includes consumables like shoes, but a lot was spent messing around with old brake boosters and other crap, over and over.

We’ve had some woeful times, me and my Caddy’s brakes; power boosters failing, rear wheels locking in the rain after a micro touch on the brake pedal.

At the very least, I wish I had put in a modern power booster at the first sign of trouble. But this is Unique Cars, remember, so by modern I mean Holden HQ. I used to think, "Oh, the old booster looks so cool", but I’ve concluded that when safety is involved, that is a very strange thing to think.

So after nearly five grand and brakes that still go this way and that, I really regret not doing what Ponch has done with his Galaxie and gone for a front disc and booster kit.


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