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By: Guy Allen with owners

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If you're going to have a Ford vs Holden battle, it might as well be in your own workshop

Wander into Melbourne workshop Maccora Motor Industries on the right day and you just might be lucky enough to trip over these two gems – Aussie muscle separated by more than four decades. It’s a sight

The Ford XA GT below was featured in Unique Cars mag nearly three years ago and has been the pride and joy for owner Sal Maccora for a very long time. It’s now a fixture in the life of the family.


The GT was restored about 30 years ago

It seems the proverbial apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree, as son Luke has also got into a latter-day muscle car, even if it’s the ‘wrong’ brand. The Holden VF Redline is a late-build car, from August 2017, and was just too good to turn down.

As Sal observed: "They’re not building them any more. It’s Luke’s era, the kids’ dads had them and they’ll always be worth something if they’re well-preserved.


Late-build Redline was a good buy

"I’m a Ford man but that’s a beautiful car – they got it right. They’re refined, the quality is there. We work on them every day, so we get to see the quality on them.

"They just get it right and then they pull the pin. It’s a shame."


Salvatore and son Luke

As for the Ford, "I’ve had that one 30 years and it’s not going anywhere. It’s a pleasure to start up "Luke has always had his eye on it and likes to take it out now and then. Even if someone offered something ridiculous on it, I couldn’t sell it. It’s part of the family."


From Unique Cars #475, February 2023



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