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We caught up with Ross Metcalfe and his Volvo 1800E at the recent Mac's Bridge car display in Queensland

When asked about his cars, Ross Metcalf lists an eclectic selection that includes a Borgward, 190SL Mercedes-Benz and this stunning fuel-injected Volvo.

"It’s The Saint’s Car," says Ross wryly about the two-door Volvo that, in carburettor form, found space in the pantheon of 1960s television spy cars. The series was called ‘The Saint’ and the suave Simon Templar was portrayed by Roger Moore in his pre-Bond persona.

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"My car was sold new in Britain but came here after only 18 months or so," Ross said "It went through a few local owners before finding one who decided to undertake a full restoration and who fortunately ran a metal-working business. He pulled the car completely apart and did a wonderful job, including a full mechanical rebuild."

"A friend in the Motor Enthusiasts’ Club heard about it being for sale, so I went to see the owner and bought it. Since then, it has been on a lot of Volvo Club runs and out to the Morgan Park circuit at Warwick, but I haven’t been tempted to risk it on the track."

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From Unique Cars #457, Sep 2021

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