1991 Toyota Soarer - Reader Ride

By: Jordan Vardon with Guy Allen, Photography by: @wxlliamscreative

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toyota soarer rear toyota soarer rear
toyota soarer front toyota soarer front
toyota soarer bdge toyota soarer bdge
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toyota soarer dash 2 toyota soarer dash 2

Jordan Vardon's nicely-modified coupe looks the goods

In Soarer-speak this is a JZZ30, which means it’s the 2.5lt inline six with twin turbos. That’s the sporty version of the range – the other main engine is the Lexus 4.0lt V8.

It originally came with an auto, but I’ve managed to switch it over to five-speed manual. Working at a Toyota dealership at the time certainly helped with that project!

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This is a car I’ve wanted since I was about seven years of age – just one of those cars that appeals and stays with you. Prior to this I had another project, an E36 BMW that was converted from a 318 to 328i.

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It took over six months to find this car, I’m always going through the classifieds. This one popped up, I went and saw it and drove it home – it was a quick decision.

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 441\reader ride soarer\toyota-soarer-bdge.jpg

It presented really well in the pictures, but when you go close you could see it needed some attention and was a bit the worse for wear. I’ve been doing up the interior, which was grey. Unfortunately the grey panels tend to go multi-coloured over time, so this one is being converted over to black.

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The doors are double-hinged and weigh nearly 100 kilos each and tend to sag over time. There is someone local who specializes in fixing them, so that’s probably the next job.

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 441\reader ride soarer\toyota-soarer-dash.jpg

We’ve done the suspension. It’s running BC Racing coilovers all round and all the bushes have been done, so it grips really well when you attack a corner.

The Australian Facebook Soarer group is terrific and is worth joining for all the tech help.

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 441\reader ride soarer\toyota-soarer-dash-2.jpg 

From Unique Cars #441, June 2020

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