Reader Ride: 1971 Triumph 2000TC

By: Guy Allen, Photography by: Guy Allen

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triumph 200tc triumph 200tc
triumph 2000 badge triumph 2000 badge
triumph 2000 badge 2 triumph 2000 badge 2
triumph 2000tc engine bay triumph 2000tc engine bay
triumph 2000 dash triumph 2000 dash
fraser faithful fraser faithful

Italian lines with English engineering make for a pretty unique cruiser

These were a popular car back in their day – sort of the bank manager’s special for the upwardly mobile young executive. It was arguably a step up from a Holden Premier, without the reliability!

It was sprightly for its day, rather than a performance car. I’ve owned it for a couple of years, though I’ve had Triumphs for much longer. When I was first getting into the classic car scene I was thinking of getting an HR Holden, but then I saw one of these and changed my mind.I tracked down a 2500TC and before I knew it there was another in the garage, then a couple more, then I started hillclimbing with them.


This one came with the Superlight wheels and they go better with the slightly wider rims and lower profile tyres. The AMI badge says it was a locally-assembled car; they were done in Melbourne and Sydney.

You need to have a bit of mechanical sympathy to own one. So regular oil changes are a must, and you need to monitor the points and ignition system. There’s a lot that can go wrong with them, but once you set them up they’re a marvellous car. They drive very well and are very nice on the highway. There are plenty of spare parts around, including in Australia, and you can get a lot of things immediately.


Giovanni Michelotti was responsible for the design of this and the Stag. He was a very prolific and talented designer over that period.


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