1955 Bristol 405 & 405 Drophead - Reader Rides

By: Guy Allen - Words & Photos

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Bristol lovers from across the globe recently converged on Australia for the International Rally, which toured much of the Eastern seaboard. Meet two of the owners who came along...


1955 BRISTOL 405

Kevin Bowe (AUST)


"Rob van Wegen (in the Australian club) said this guy in Bendigo had two Bristols for sale and wasn’t prepared to split them, and suggested we buy them and take one each. His was roadworthy and this was stripped back to a shell. But he said all it needed doing was putting back together. Well, six and a half years later I eventually got it back together!

"I’ve been in a few rallies and car shows and have won a couple of awards along the way.

"These are really very good to drive – the 405 is probably the best driving of the Bristols, with a longer wheelbase and a better weight and balance. It was also the first year with disc brakes on the front."


1955 405 DROPHEAD

Peter Hughes & Fran Spencer (UK)


"We bought it in 2001, and it was originally sold in Yorkshire in 1955 for 3000 pounds – at the time, that would bought a fairly decent semi-detached house in Chelsea. Later on it passed into the hands of a chap called Kevin Kennedy, who was the CEO of Philips Electronics.

"He spent a lot of money on it but passed away suddenly. The car was already on the water on its way to America, about ten days before 911, and we bought it from the estate."

They’re clearly not afraid to get the car out and drive it. "We’re of the opinion the cars are meant to be used. When we got the car it was immaculate, but now it has various dents and scratches because it’s been driven all over the world, including places such as Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa."


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