1975 Toyota KE30 Corolla SE - Reader Ride

By: Dylan Shore

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We caught up with Dylan Shore and his Toyota KE30 Corolla at the recent All Japan Day in Adelaide

"This here is my whip. A mate of my dad sourced this car for me; it was his old man’s from brand-new and has only clocked up 108,000ks. It was bone-stock when I bought it, right down to the Valeside Motors sticker and original, dealer-supplied numberplate.

"This only had a 1200cc as standard, but it’s got a 1300cc 4K out of a KE70 in there now. I put a sidedraft carburettor on it but would like to install a 13B rotary one day.


"Mine has the Japanese dashboard, so it’s black instead of brown and it seems to have the Japanese diff and tail shaft; I can’t tell you why, though. I’ve installed AE86 suspension in the front, so it tracks a little wider, with coil-covers, camber tops and AE86 slotted brakes. The wheels are Aussie Cheviot Armorlites; they’re heaps similar to Mark 1 SSRs, a popular Japanese wheel.

"I came across the Toyota quarter window louvres on Facebook; they’re ex-Malaysia. They seem to love these things over there."


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