1963 EH Holden - Reader Ride

By: Guy Allen, Photography by: Guy Allen & Angry Man

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Ken MacGregor's EH Holden was a last-minute build that turned out to be a lot of fun


Ken MacGregor's EH Holden

The car originally came from Shepparton in Vic. I have the original paperwork and plates to go with it. I bought it several months ago as a so-called "90 per cent finished". It turned out to be about 65. The front end fell out of it. Suddenly it was all panic stations to get it ready in time for this event (The Tas Classic Rallye).

It’s had some work done, such as an HR front end put in it, disc brakes and a Trimatic transmission. I’ve just had that transmission upgraded to V8 pack. With the HR set-up, you get discs on the front and you need to use the HR cylinders on the rear drums to compensate for the booster. All up, it makes a big difference.


The motor has been refreshed, including the bottom end. I bought a Yella Terra head second-hand. It’s a 179 block bored out to 186 and now balanced. I used someone reputable for that job and they worked over some holidays to get it done in time. It’s running the X2 twin Stromberg carburettors, with ceramic-coated extractors on the other side. So I guess you could say I haven’t messed around.

The suspension has all been done, with the springs reset – I got rid of the lowering blocks that were in it.


It’s excellent to drive now, but you couldn’t handle it when I picked it up. The whole set-up was wrong and it was all over the road. Now it’s perfect. We’re still running it in at this stage, so engine is still a little tight. We only finished it a couple of hours before we were due on the boat to Tasmania, so we’re pretty pleased to be here! 


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